The survey says…

As a Community Interest Company, the opinions of the NLP community are our raison d’etre, our reason for being.

We had already been collecting feedback from previous conferences and, once we had decided to take over the hosting, we set to work on surveying the NLP community. Of course, we know we cannot please all of the people all of the time…and at the very least, we could canvas opinions and find out what the NLP community wanted in their conference…so we did.

The survey was answered by 411 people, of which 42% had attended the NLP conference in the past. The survey revealed some very interesting findings…some we had a feeling for already and others were a little more surprising:

86% of respondents valued the connection with the NLP community as one of the most important reasons for attending the conference, together with the quality of speakers and the variety offered.

Over 37% of respondents disliked the venue, especially it being in central London, which creates an affordability challenge as well as accessibility issues.

When asked to list 3 reasons for attending the NLP conference, previous delegates cited networking/meeting people as their top answer, followed closely by the opportunity to develop/refresh and update their NLP skills.

When asked what they would change about the NLP conference, the overwhelming response was to include food so that there would be more opportunities to chat and network. And the three things which were most likely to stop people attending the conference were the cost, the same old line up and the location…

…so this feedback gave us some real food for thought!

by Karen Moxom


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