Julie Silverthorn says ‘yes’…

I personally feel really honoured that Julie Silverthorn accepted our invitation to present the Friday Masterclass at the NLP International Conference on Friday 28th April.

Julie has been an inspiration for me, since I first met her whilst doing my own NLP Trainers Training. She is elegant, refined and undoubtedly one of the most exquisitely skilled Ericksonian language pattern masters (or mistresses?) I have ever met.

For me personally, she was the natural choice to present the Friday Masterclass, because she is both authentic and skilled…and I know she cares about me, ANLP and the success of the conference.

This is our first time hosting this important event and whilst I know many brilliant trainers who have already delivered or will deliver an amazing Conference Masterclass in years to come, this time around it was important to me to have someone presenting with whom I have a personal affinity and who I have experienced in a professional setting – I trust Julie to deliver an experiential and fun day for all those who attend and see her in action.

Let the games begin…

by Karen Moxom

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