All systems are go!

It has been an interesting time for me to join the NLP Conference Committee, as it really is ALL SYSTEMS ARE GO! The sheer volume of work involved isn’t quite as apparent on the surface, especially considering that every committee member also has a full time job to do as well. Everyone involved continues to show such amazing commitment and resilience to achieve our desired outcome; it’s truly inspiring to be a part of.

Why did I volunteer my time? Let me tell you… I’m relatively new to the NLP community and have only just qualified as a Master Practitioner, so I’m still in the honeymoon phase (does it ever end?!) and  I can’t get enough of it! To me NLP is the most incredible knowledge that I have ever encountered. I believe it has the potential to create a level of personal empowerment, which can free individuals from the constraints and difficulties that all too often keep us feeling small and insignificant, to a place where our true potential and purpose can surface, in order to be of tangible impact for greater good in this world. So, as you can see, I am a big picture thinker, which can come in handy when organising a conference! Being an active part in this community is very important to me. This coupled with my previous experience in project and event management is my ‘WHY’.

The conference is an amazing opportunity to bring together like-minded individuals to connect and share their experiences, ideas, knowledge and advancements/extensions in the field of NLP.  I wanted to bring my skills into the mix to contribute to ensuring each and every one of you has an experience that you will walk away from feeling refreshed, enriched, inspired and connected.

There is a lot more work still to do behind the scenes, however, things are coming together nicely. We have now sold all of the exhibition stands and Rapport advertising space, so get in quickly for next time! We have also secured a charity partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support for the Awards Charity Gala. If you haven’t already, please do purchase your tickets and/or sponsor one of the awards to contribute to this incredible charity and help us celebrate the difference being made with NLP in the wider community.

I’ve no doubt all of our efforts will be rewarded with a very successful event and I’m really looking forward to seeing all of you enjoying yourselves and experiencing that connected feeling of community spirit.

By Gemma Harley

A Personal Message From Julie Silverthorn…

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Friday Masterclass is changing.
Julie Silverthorn, our announced presenter for the Friday Masterclass, has let us know that, reluctantly, she must withdraw for the reasons she sets out below…

“I was really looking forward to our time together (and had already purchased two outfits for it while I was in Hawaii!,) but unfortunately I recently developed some very unexpected health issues. The course of treatment is such that sadly, I am unable to be certain of my ability to travel in April for the conference. I thought it was the better part of wisdom to advise Karen and her Conference Committee sooner rather than later and let them make the best decision for the success of the Conference. In the meanwhile I have begun alternative treatments and am using Hypnosis in an effort to heal my body as naturally as possible.

I suggested approaching David Shephard, a gifted Trainer who I have known for over 20 years, and see if his schedule would allow him to take over the April 28 Master Class for me. I am very excited that he was available and will be teaching that day. My #1 interest is the success of the Conference and the future of NLP. I know you will have an incredible experience with him!

I send you all the very, very best from Scottsdale Arizona and I hope our paths cross again…perhaps even sooner than you may think!”

Julie Silverthorn

We have no time to stand and stare…

It’s at times like this that I am reminded of the poem by William Henry Davies that begins:

“What is this life if, full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare…”

…not yet anyway…!

When ANLP was offered the chance to run the Conference for 2017, it was more a case of “This feels natural.” rather than “How will we find the time…?” and it has been a wild ride ever since…

Having worked alongside the incredible ANLP team and meeting some amazing people at the 2016 Conference, it became obvious that working with the Committee was going to be one, long rush…like skiing down a mountain on one leg whilst being chased by an avalanche…and wearing a slightly bewildered smile!!!

And here’s why…

The avalanche is the weight of expectation…”Fresh, Fun and Community” are the words we selected for the 2017 Conference…to give us all an opportunity to see and hear what’s new, what’s interesting or controversial.

The skiing down the mountain on one leg…well that’s because we, at ANLP, had little time in which to take over from Crown House and start organising everything with, initially, only 2 people (I was new to ANLP and wasn’t much use!!)…

The rush? We had to find a venue to meet the criteria from the Conference survey (i.e. make it better value, free lunch, free parking, be inclusive…), find people willing to help, present, set up a website and record the processes so we can do it all again for subsequent years…

The bewildered smile is my awe at seeing how the Committee are willing to give up their spare hours and minutes to help out in whatever way they can… and everything remains a happy blur at the moment!

On a skiing holiday, I once saw a sign that said “If you saw what you hit, you weren’t going fast enough!”….

Well, we are going as fast as possible and I have no idea of the obstacles we have hit so far…we will get there, with your patience and understanding and I sincerely hope you do too!

By Kash Bhagwat-Brown


An Investment in You

We’ve been working hard in the background preparing your next year’s conference. With various subcommittees picking up responsibility for the vast amount of planning and preparation required, we are aiming to deliver the best NLP Conference yet. And that’s exactly what it is going to be – the BEST ever!

I was delighted to be asked to join the Conference Organising Committee and without any hesitation I agreed. Having been a member ANLP for nearly 10 years now, I have always deeply appreciated the support and guidance provided by ANLP to the field of NLP and to the professionals within it and I have worn my ANLP badge with pride. For many years, Karen and her team have invested heavily of themselves, and I know work tirelessly to continue to grow and take NLP forward, and I saw this as an opportunity to give back and to support the community in some way.

With a team of people filled with passion, enthusiasm and creativity, the all new NLP Conference will be one you will not want to miss.

So, watch this space as Karen and the Team continue to invest our time and energy in the conference so that you can be confident in YOUR investment in YOU.

by Daksha Malik

Planning a Programme…

This year I decided not to put in a proposal to speak at the NLP Conference, instead I wanted to give something back. This is the first year the ANLP have hosted this major International Conference and I wanted to help make it a success so I volunteered my services.

One of the most interesting things I have been involved in so far has been as part of the sub-committee selecting speakers for the programme. I was really impressed with the range of presentation topics and particularly all the new speakers coming forward.

There have however been some challenges. Firstly, many people insisted that they could only offer 180 minute sessions. I was disappointed with the lack of flexibility shown by some. In putting on a conference shorter slots make so much more sense. It allows attendees to experience a range of presenters and not be limited to just a few. For this reason we took a decision to limit the number of 180 slots.

The second challenge was with regard to the request for short videos to see the speakers in action. This was vital as we have a responsibility to ensure that we are offering speakers of great quality. We tried to be as flexible as possible ourselves by searching the internet for examples before requesting clips. Many trainers, particularly the experienced ones were happy to send us links to sessions however one or two people seemed reluctant to do so.

The committee created a set of criteria for acceptance of speakers and so unfortunately we sometimes had to say “no” to some promising speakers who were unwilling to be flexible or provide videos. It was a real eye opener to me to discover just how much work, effort and complexity there is in putting on a conference of this size.

So for those of you interested in presenting next year, and let us all remember speaking at a major conference is good for your profile, here are some tips:

  1. First be flexible, after all isn’t this an underlying quality we look for in NLP?
  2. Be prepared to deliver a session of varying lengths, tailor your material accordingly.
  3. Make sure you record yourself regularly presenting workshops etc. That way you will be able to find a suitable video to send to the conference committee.
  4. Choose topics that are a bit different and that will add new content.
  5. Remember, from now on the Conference is targeting NLP students, practitioners and trainers. While people new to NLP will be welcome our aim is to provide a Conference that is enriching to the field.
  6. Be kind to the committee, most will be volunteers doing their best and those employed by the ANLP are providing a service that we as a community need. After all without the ANLP this conference would not be happening.

by Melody Cheal, Msc Applied Positive Psychology & NLP Master Trainer

Julie Silverthorn says ‘yes’…

I personally feel really honoured that Julie Silverthorn accepted our invitation to present the Friday Masterclass at the NLP International Conference on Friday 28th April.

Julie has been an inspiration for me, since I first met her whilst doing my own NLP Trainers Training. She is elegant, refined and undoubtedly one of the most exquisitely skilled Ericksonian language pattern masters (or mistresses?) I have ever met.

For me personally, she was the natural choice to present the Friday Masterclass, because she is both authentic and skilled…and I know she cares about me, ANLP and the success of the conference.

This is our first time hosting this important event and whilst I know many brilliant trainers who have already delivered or will deliver an amazing Conference Masterclass in years to come, this time around it was important to me to have someone presenting with whom I have a personal affinity and who I have experienced in a professional setting – I trust Julie to deliver an experiential and fun day for all those who attend and see her in action.

Let the games begin…

by Karen Moxom

Reflections on taking over a conference!

When Karen and Kash came away from this year’s NLP Conference saying that ANLP had been handed the reins for the Conference in 2017 and beyond I was so excited. My initial thought was what a fabulous opportunity for ANLP. Our mission is to empower NLP Professionals and to run the Conference and be able to have input into the programme, the presenters and more was not to be missed. Initially, I did think how would be find time as this is a big undertaking. However, as we all know where there’s a will there’s a way.

As Karen’s PA it went without saying that I would be as involved as much as possible to support both Karen and the Conference committee we put together after recognising that in order to put on a new, fresh and community spirited conference it would take more human resources than just the three of us! We have a fabulous committee of really dedicated, incredibly enthusiastic people each bringing their own areas of expertise to the table.

There was, and is, much work to do and it takes high priority in all of our workloads at the moment. Alongside this work, of course, the day-to-day running of ANLP still has to happen together with one or two other fairly weighty projects, all of which will become apparent in the fullness of time so it’s pretty safe to say that everyone at ANLP are working their socks off to bring a really exciting ‘new look’ Conference in April 2017.

I love being involved in this sort of project because it’s dynamic and the changes and progress happen quickly. It can be a bit overwhelming at times but in a good way, a much to do way. Without wanting to wish my life away, I am really looking forward to April when we can see the results of all the hard work and welcoming you all to ANLP’s NLP International Conference.

by Nina Robbins

Finding the 2017 NLP Conference Venue

So, having made the decision to host the 2017 International NLP Conference on 28th to 30th April 2017, and accumulated some very useful market research thanks to the survey, our next task was to find a venue…and of course, like all good NLP Professionals, we immediately set up some clear criteria:

a) it needed to be available on the dates we had already promised (!)

b) would it comfortably fit the number of delegates we would like to accommodate?

c) could it be outside of central London, so it was more affordable and accessible by a variety of different transport methods?

d) could we find a venue that would be able to cater for our delegates, with healthy and fresh food?

The search was on…

Some venues eliminated themselves, either due to size, location or because they were not available on 28th April 2017…so that was easy. We then had the pleasant task of checking out the shortlist – I thought we would spend hours writing up the “pro’s and con’s” and evaluating the shortlist using a number of tried and tested business methodologies…as it happens, we walked into the Park Inn by Radisson and were blown away – it was perfect…

It ticked all the criteria boxes AND more importantly, it felt right. It offers us a dedicated restaurant as well as a dedicated conference space, so we can generate and maintain a sense of community throughout the weekend. Most of the conference rooms have natural light, as do the refreshment and socialising areas. It felt light, airy and spacious and the rooms are certainly big enough for a growing community conference.

Decision made…now let’s create a memorable conference for everyone involved!

by Karen Moxom

The survey says…

As a Community Interest Company, the opinions of the NLP community are our raison d’etre, our reason for being.

We had already been collecting feedback from previous conferences and, once we had decided to take over the hosting, we set to work on surveying the NLP community. Of course, we know we cannot please all of the people all of the time…and at the very least, we could canvas opinions and find out what the NLP community wanted in their conference…so we did.

The survey was answered by 411 people, of which 42% had attended the NLP conference in the past. The survey revealed some very interesting findings…some we had a feeling for already and others were a little more surprising:

86% of respondents valued the connection with the NLP community as one of the most important reasons for attending the conference, together with the quality of speakers and the variety offered.

Over 37% of respondents disliked the venue, especially it being in central London, which creates an affordability challenge as well as accessibility issues.

When asked to list 3 reasons for attending the NLP conference, previous delegates cited networking/meeting people as their top answer, followed closely by the opportunity to develop/refresh and update their NLP skills.

When asked what they would change about the NLP conference, the overwhelming response was to include food so that there would be more opportunities to chat and network. And the three things which were most likely to stop people attending the conference were the cost, the same old line up and the location…

…so this feedback gave us some real food for thought!

by Karen Moxom


Why did ANLP take over the Conference?

I have asked myself this question a number of times since 16th April, when it was announced, at the last conference, that the Association for NLP (ANLP) would be taking over the running of this important event in the NLP calendar!

And the answer is always the same…because NLP makes a difference.

Therefore the NLP Community matters and deserves to be supported, nurtured and grown into something which can make an even bigger and better difference. Which is the very reason ANLP exists in the first place! At least there is congruence in our thinking.

In April 2016, when the Conference was in danger of being the last one ever held,  Michael Hall, Co-Leader of the NLP Leadership Summit said at that point “…there was a consensus that this Conference is one of the few English-speaking Conferences left and too important to stop.  It is one of the few places that offers a gathering place for NLP…so encourage everyone you influence to attend next year.”

So we made the intuitive decision to take the conference over from Anglo American Books, who were stepping back having done a fantastic job over the past 6 years, in challenging economic times.  Our task now is to build on the solid platform we have been given and to generate awareness and interest in the NLP Community and to motivate everyone within that community to help shape how NLP evolves in the future.

The Conference is not just a place to come and listen.  It is a place where people can exchange ideas, discuss areas of collaboration and make new business and personal connections.  Many long-standing friendships have been born during the Conference and it is our intention to encourage these feelings of camaraderie and bonhomie whilst giving delegates what they want to see and hear…how NLP is making a difference.

Within hours of taking over the conference, we announced dates for 2017 and 2018 so that delegates could get the dates in their diary…and then we trusted that we would then find a venue to accommodate our desires!

by Karen Moxom