Training Trances: The Power of Trance in Training…You!

Masterclass – Training Trances: The Power of Trance in Training…You!

Friday 28th April @ 09:30am

The book Training Trances was called “One of the Best Hypnosis Books of the Decade” by Join Julie Silverthorn, the co-author and NLP Master Trainer, who modelled the work of Milton Erickson, MD for this One Day Master Class. Learn the best ways to utilize the true power of the Unconscious Mind to create Breakthrough experiences with clients and…yourself…. and why knowing Hypnosis is a necessity for doing NLP! A powerful, inspiring and action-packed day with lots of trance, deep learnings and personal trans-formation!

Julie Silverthorn

Julie Silverthorn, USA Master Trainer is arguably one of the most elegant models of Ericksonian language patterns in the field of NLP today.

Julie is warm and friendly and gifted with a natural love of people. She has great energy and a special knack for presenting information in ways that are easy to understand. Her students love her natural optimism and their ability to learn and grow from her encouragement and teaching. Julie began her study of Hypnosis in 1982 and through her love of Hypnosis she became deeply involved with NLP. She has been in the field of Psychology for over 30 years, a NLP Trainer for 25 years and a Master Trainer for over 20 years. She has also been a Certified Hypnosis Trainer for over 20 years.

Julie is currently based in Scottsdale, Arizona where Erickson’s favorite, “Squaw Peak” sits in her backyard. While she never personally met Dr. Erickson she did meet Mrs. Betty Erickson and spent time with her in Erickson’s office located on the grounds of their family home in Phoenix, Arizona.


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