Conversation Starter – NLP for an Ecological Society

 Conversation Starters Stream – Saturday 29th April @ 13:00pm

I believe that NLP is an effective tool that can cut across national, religious and ethnic lines and help empower those who are engaged in creating the next generation citizens (parents and teachers). When a larger fraction of the next generation will operate from the Cause End rather than the Effect End we will have citizens who will create an Ecological Society.

The topic of my proposed talk is coming from my experience of working with a Psychologist at a school in urban India and a teacher in rural India. I work with teachers to participate in my NLP Certification Programs at a fraction of the price to cover costs giving me an opportunity to see them apply NLP in their day to day work. Encouraged by their outcomes I believe that scaling this effort will create a greater impact on the coming generations.

A global effort is called for.

The outcome of this session is to create a global think tank and a task force that will do the following:
1) Create crisp content in multiple languages for parents and teachers
2) Connect with governments, voluntary and funding organizations and the United Nations to generate support
3) Build teams of foot soldiers who will deliver and help society assimilate the core principles of NLP to help create a new world.

Sagar Vishwas

I am robot programmer and sales person turned NLP Trainer. I live in Pune, India.  I am always seeking newer ways to apply my knowledge and experience to attain scale and impact on a larger fragment of society. I am a certified Trainer of NLP with ABNLP and INLPTA.

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