Coaching for Transformation – Powerful Techniques for Getting Out of your Client’s Way

Empowering NLP Professionals Stream – Saturday 29th April @ 14:30pm

Would you like to coach others to generate transformational change – overcoming procrastination created from psychological blocks or unhelpful patterns?

In this interactive session you will discover some practical coaching tools. Derived from our extensive experience in NLP, Clean Language and Clean Space – and our long-established coaching practices – these approaches allow you to achieve more with your coaching – whilst actively getting out of your client’s way.

We’ll also explore how you can become more innovative in your coaching – adopting core principles (from NLP, Clean or any other approach) to develop your own coaching processes.

And we’ll practise ‘contracting’ with clients to get their agreement to working in a more creative way.  We intend to:

  • Demonstrate the crafting of a unique transformational coaching process utilising a range of tools
  • Give you the opportunity to experience some coaching and to practise your new skills
  • Explore the crucial skill of contracting – gaining clients’ buy-in to slightly unusual coaching approaches
  • And all while paying more than lip service to staying out of your clients’ way
  • Leave you with a practical transformational process to use straight away in your coaching
Lynne Cooper and Wendy Sullivan

Lynne Cooper has used NLP in her coaching, team coaching, training and facilitation work with organisations for nearly 20 years. She trains and supervises coaches. Lynne is the author of Business NLP for Dummies and co-author of the Five-Minute Coach: improve performance rapidly.

Wendy Sullivan is an experienced coach, a certified NLP Trainer, and an accredited psychotherapist.  She runs Clean Change Company and delivers extensive Clean training programmes.   She is co-author of Clean Language, and with Lynne Cooper, she offers The Professional Clean Coach, a course awarded ‘Accredited Certificate in Coach Training’ by The Association for Coaching.

Learn more about Lynne and Wendy at

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