Hypnosis skills for NLP Masters / Practitioners

 NLP Extensions Stream – Saturday 29th April @ 11:30am

We know, NLP works best when the client is in an altered state.  Hypnosis helps our clients to effortlessly step into that state of mind.  In this presentation I will teach what you need to know about hypnosis, I will teach a few very easy to do verbal hypnotic inductions and some handy “trick” to check if your client is indeed in the right altered state. Also, I will present you the concept of conscious and subconscious mind from a hypnotherapist’s point of view.

Of course, you know the Milton Model. Now you can learn more about the special language patterns Milton Erickson used to put his clients into trance.

I will give you an effective tool that you will be able to use, when NLP doesn’t work well enough on the conscious level.  For example with clients who claim to not be able to visualise or clients who keep saying “I don’t know” or who are just analysing or story telling too much.  It will also will help you to use all your NLP tools more effectively.

  • Participants will be able to induce trance to help their client to relax and focus.
  • They will have a better understanding of the Milton Model and Erickson’s hypnotic language patterns.
  • They will feel more comfortable to let or lead their clients into deeper trance states and to guide them back to everyday consciousness.
Nicolas Gerey

Author, International Speaker, Accredited Goulding SleepTalk Consultant, Clinical Hypnotherapist (MAACHP), NLP Master Practitioner (MABNLP), Certified Dance and Movement Therapist, Body Language Expert.  Also mime artist and teacher of the Austral TV And Film Academy.  Originally from Hungary, living in Australia as New Zealand citizen.  My workshops/presentations are usually described as “informative, influential and very entertaining

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