Motivation gets you started – Habits keep you going

 Personal Empowerment Stream – Saturday 29th April @ 11:30am

Motivation is being able to do something even though you don’t enjoy it. How often have you looked at someone doing well and asked “How do they stay so motivated?” and then you realise they actually enjoy what they are doing; that doesn’t require motivation.  In order to initiate the neurochemistry of motivation, you must associate massive pleasure with achieving your goal, and or massive pain with not achieving it. The pleasure centres in your brain, once activated will generate Dopamine, known to help drive you to overcome your own objections.  However in time, this process must be replaced with new neurological pathways that form habits, it’s these new neurological maps that make a behaviour permanent. Understanding the Habit Loop, and how to change it using NLP and other coaching modalities, can effectively initiate this process and help clients move from desire to achievement – and change for good.

Help delegates understand the neurology of motivation and what has to occur to increase dopamine production, and also to understand that this process is relatively short lived and new neurological pathways or habits must take over the task for long term success to occur.

Delegates will have an understanding of what activates the brains pleasure centres and also a practical technique to change a habit.

Janet Thomson

Janet Thomson MSc is a Best Selling author and leading television expert. Initially with a background in health & fitness, Janet owned her own chain of health clubs where she developed many of her unique techniques and programmes. She now works as an international trainer and presenter in a range of coaching and holistic modalities. Her most recent book “The Placebo Diet” is a unique and practical approach to weight loss and uses the process of Self-Directive Neuroplasticity (SDN) to teach a variety of practical exercises to initiate life-long behaviour change. Her trainings and presentations are always informative, inspiring and entertaining, and with a clear take home message and useable techniques.

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