Provocative Coaching

 NLP Extensions Stream – Saturday 29th April @ 14:30pm

Provocative coaching, developed from the 80’s by Frank Farrelly, is a combination of warmth, humor and challenges. This unique cocktail offers possibilities that you won’t find in ‘traditional’ coaching. And yet it harnesses ‘resistance’-forces that most people recognize. Sometimes the fastest way to help someone do something is to tell them they can’t. Provocative coaching is a distant relative of ‘paradoxical intention’ and ‘reverse psychology’. The coach, being the jester or the devil’s advocate, encourages the client to do their problem more: do some more of that, think some more of that, feel some more of that! Where other approaches are mostly directly supportive (“I believe in you, you can do it”), the provocative coach discourages the client’s goals (You can’t be a good father, you have an ego like the Graf Zeppelin!”). And yet provocative coaching is not only confrontation. The challenges are presented with humor and warmth. This is what makes it quite different from simple confrontation. And this is also why coaches need training to learn how to do it well.

Participants will be helped to understand what provocative coaching is. They will see some demonstrations and do an excercise. Back at work, they might even make a few provocative jokes with their favorite clients. Some of them will experience more freedom and spontaneity in their work, having overcome – to some extent – their phobia of being ‘unprofessional’ and their addiction to immediate gratitude.

Jaap Hollander

Jaap Hollander (1952) Psychologist, NLP Trainer. Co-owner of Holland’s oldest NLP institute (12.000+ people trained). Authored 11 books, mostly about NLP. Was on the Dutch Quote top 500 business advisors list for as long as it existed. Founder and major developer of MindSonar.

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