Real Healthy Families

 Therapy Stream – Saturday 29th April @ 09:30am

We all belong in a family – even if we are ‘the black sheep’! Families can be our biggest source of joy and our biggest source of pain. Adapting the work of Virgina Satir, this session is not just for parents, we are all part of a family dynamic and can all do our bit to make families work better, in harmony and in a fulfilling way.
• Learn why family dynamics and relationships are so strong, in the positive and negative and how to break the cycle.
• Learn the Neuroscience of emotional brain development and why timing is critical in family and personal development.
• Do a Virginia Satir version of ‘Who do you think you are?’
• Learn how to do your bit to make a healthy family whilst respecting and empowering others.

Expand awareness of Virgina’s family work
Model your familial patterns
Learn how to apply it in every day life for personal development
Apply learning to your own professional context

Karen Meager and John McLachlan

John McLachlan and Karen Meager are the founders of Monkey Puzzle Training, one of the leading providers of NLP training in the UK. They are authors of the highly acclaimed book Real Leaders for the Real World and combine their therapeutic studies with their passion for applying psychology in the Real World.

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