The Confident Voice

 Personal Empowerment Stream – Saturday 29th April @ 16:30pm

This is an experiential session which allows the delegate to understand how the voice works and the ways in which NLP can be used to effect change within their own voice and that of their client’s. With public speaking being the third biggest fear both here and the U.S. a deeper understanding is invaluable to today’s NLP Professional.

The basis of the confident voice is the low relaxed breath. Delegates will learn how to access this using modalities, versus the traditional process, which can take years, as opposed to minutes to master.

We shall then explore how a variety of NLP techniques combined with more conventional voice coaching methods can be used to support the voice and the speaker, allowing them to access their flow state and a truly confident voice.

This session will be of use to everyone who speaks in public or has clients that do so.

Understand how the voice works.
Be clear on the unique mind/ body connection within voice, speech and presenting.
Experience how the constructs of NLP fit seamlessly with the process to enable the speaker to fully access and utilise their confident voice.
Learn how to access the low relaxed breath using modalities and how this is key to getting into the zone rather than allowing nerves to take over.
See how having a good strategy can positively impact performance. Hear how anchoring can support and elicit the flow state in regards to breath and how using sub-modalities can change the speaker’s perception of standing up in front of an audience.

Rachel Coffey

Rachel Coffey is an expert voice coach who works internationally through her company The Voice Professionals. Her experience as a life coach also enriches her practice. Rachel uses advanced techniques to enable individuals and groups to understand their voices, overcome fears and work with one of the richest natural assets that we have; our voice.

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