Finding and Committing to Your Purpose In Life

 Personal Empowerment Stream – Saturday 29th April @ 09:30am

A lot of self-development, including NLP, is outcome based. Having goals are good to get you out of bed – yet goals that are not aligned to your deepest purpose will create resistance and unnecessary blockages. This workshop is designed to show you how to find your purpose, then commit to what you find. When alignment is present, everything seems to work well – to the law of least effort. Self-actualising becomes normal and magic is everywhere. The workshop will be very interactive with plenty of journeys and some closed eye meditation. If you have deep seated issues, that are bothering you right now, this may not be the workshop for you. But if you are in a position where you want to go forwards and just want the ticket, come to this station.

The outcome of the session is to put you in touch with what you were born to do, or at least to give you resources to do that. Also the ability to complete areas of your life that are getting in the way of living a life you love.

Terry Elston

Author, Motivational Speaker, and Corporate Trainer

Terry has been involved in coaching & training for over 26 years and has been training inspirational and motivational concepts for 17 years.

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