Auternative – Coaching People on the Autistic Spectrum

Health StreamSunday 30th April @ 09:30am

This Master Class challenges the prevailing paradigms for supporting people on the autistic spectrum, and shows how NLP tools and concepts can radically improve the results achieved. The content is based on modelling one of the country’s most effective autism coaches, Ruth Howard, and maps across how NLP techniques can be most effectively applied.

Coaching is a powerful tool, and has been found to be highly effective in helping autistic young people realise their aspirations. However, adjustments need to be made to the typical coaching process, and NLP can play a key role in this. In this we will introduce you to a set of cutting-edge principles proven to transform the wellbeing of autistic people and help them reach their potential.

The workshop will help participants to:
• Explore a new way of thinking about autism that helps create the space for positive development
• Learn how NLP techniques can be used to help autistic people reach their potential
• Challenge their own thinking around autism and learn strategies to encourage others to do the same

Neil Almond & Ruth Howard

Neil Almond is a radical thinker on change and transformation, bridging the worlds of personal, social and organisational change. He is an ANLP Master Trainer and holds an MA in Coaching and Mentoring. He is regarded as one of the UK’s foremost practitioners of Applied NLP. You can follow him and his podcasts on Twitter @NeilAlmondUK or email Or join courses or conversations at

Ruth Howard is one of the UK’s leading autism specialist coaches and trainers. She brings to her practice the experience of being a mother of an autistic young man, and 20 years working in the field. Ruth also specialises in autism mental health, and positive psychology, and is currently completing an PhD on this topic (at Buckinghamshire New University). You can follow her on Twitter @RooHoward or at

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