Oops upside your head…an introduction to mBraining for NLPers

NLP Extensions StreamSunday 30th April @ 17:15pm

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Just how many ‘brains’ do you think you have?! Blending scientific fact and what humans have known intuitively for millennia; now more NLPers are curious about what mBraining is all about.

Whether you have heard about mBraining or mBIT or not, this session will briefly outline what mBraining is and how it has its roots in NLP.

Drawing on a combination of neuroscience, lively activities and plenary discussion, Reb will explore how mBraining can add to NLP’s continuing development, rigour and credibility and how it would not have come about without NLP skills like behavioural modelling and the attitude of wanton curiosity.

Come along to explore how your existing skills and knowledge are highly relevant and how mBraining can help NLPers to save the world!

  • Know what mBraining is about
  • Understand how mBraining and NLP are linked and yet separate
  • Experience a taste of mBIT
  • Explore and express a vision of how NLPers and mBrainers together are already making a difference in our world and can continue to do even more
Reb Veale

Lizzi is an ICF:PCC Executive Coach with an MA in Coaching. She works within coastal locations to facilitate leadership coherence and ambiguity leverage, with emphasis upon: meaningful interactions, systems ecology and purposeful action. An NLP Trainer, mBIT Trainer / Master Coach and ANLP Regional Ambassador she blends NLP with Neuro-Conservation.

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