Changing the Most Powerful Metaprogram of all: (Safe or Dangerous)

Health StreamSunday 30th April @ 14:30pm

Safe or dangerous is decided at body level and massively impacts: other filters, behaviours, anxiety levels and the ability to process new information or remain stuck.

  • Understand: why access to safety is fundamental for change to occur and how the different types of traumas/life events impact it.
  • Spot the clues: Behavioural, time line arrangement, self image representations, body and health responses.
  • Learn: 3 crucial questions to ask refinements of the meta program safe or dangerous, with case studies
  • Experience: new T.P.M. processes and other methods of building safety Thought Pattern Management™ TPM (evolved from NLP) teaches the importance of making all change safe.  This safety master class will include knowledge and evidenced research from other fields including EMDR and reference ‘The Body Keeps the Score’ Bessel Van Der Kolk.

Participants will learn and experience processes and principles to create resilient safety now, in past reference memories and for the future.

For all practitioners, whatever level of training and context they work in to be able to:

  • · appreciate the massive impact safe or dangerous filters have and how increased anxiety as adults is often linked to a past memory and source pattern.
  • · spot clues to when creating safety is required.
  • · build safety for others using processes and principles evolved from NLP, TPM and EMDR.

The speakers will share theory with case studies, and will lead interactive processes that teach the mind new possibilities. As the learning will be new to the NLP community, it is relevant to both beginners as well as advanced NLP trained.

Fiona Sutherland and Becki Houlston

Fiona Sutherland, is lead trainer for Thought Pattern Management Europe, which teaches the mindbody new possibilities.

Becki Houlston, coach, NLP and TPM master practitioner specialising in extreme anxiety has been a guest on various TV shows and is passionate about the importance of ‘making it safe’ before any significant change work can occur.

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