Sleights of Mouth and beyond

Advanced NLP Stream – Sunday 30th April @ 11:30am

What are Sleights of Mouth?
What are the 16 main structures?
How effective is each one?
How do we recognise our own and how do we move forward to new ones?
Are we ready to explore further beyond those 16?
How are they related with other filters?
How does Clean Language and SOMs relate to each other?
(Interactive exercises around our communication and interaction with others)

History of SOMs and what about the future? Who is working on SOMs within the NLP?
What are the latest findings on language structures from linguists and speech therapists?

In this session, you will experience the benefits of each SOM, find our preferences and go beyond NLP on the subject of language.

Eleni Sarantinou

Eleni Sarantinou received her Bachelor in Economics in Greece and has worked in Marketing and Information Technology for 20 years in three continents before moving into personal development. She is a Master NLP & Life Coach, NLP. Time Line Therapy & Hypnosis Trainer and Family Constellation Facilitator.  She travels all over the world training individuals and consulting companies.

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