Step Into Your Power

Personal Empowerment Stream – Sunday 30th April @ 16:30pm

NLP increases your ability to be powerful and influential. Many caring people are hesitant to fully step into their power. What happens to people, society, the defenseless, the planet if caring people are not willing to be more powerful? They create a power vacuum that is filled by people who aren’t afraid of power, many of whom will use it primarily for their own egocentric purposes.

The world needs caring people to step into their power. In this session, you will be guided through Energetic NLP processes to clear unconscious programming and limiting beliefs that cause you to hesitate to fully step into your power. You will open up to being more powerful and influential, and, importantly, set up your inner wisdom and spirit to automatically guide your use of power. You will also enhance your ability to respond well to powerful people, even if they are not using their power with integrity.

In this fun and supportive session you will clear and heal unconscious and energetic programming, limiting beliefs, and “spiritual contracts”; open up your authentic power;  and connect your power with your inner wisdom and spirit so that you will use your power well. You will also enhance your ability to be powerful when in the presence of powerful or aggressive people.

Art Giser

Art, an internationally renowned NLP trainer, intuitive, and healer, is the creator of Energetic NLP. Art’s unique background includes 11 years of medical research, and 31 years as an NLP trainer, consultant to major corporations on leadership and team development, energy healer, and intuition development teacher.

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