Time Wasters – The Magnificent Seven

Empowering NLP Professionals Stream – Sunday 30th April @ 09:30am

If time management tools are so great, how come so many of us have a problem getting all the things done we want to? The secret to managing your time well has more to do with your deep seated values, belief and habits which is why all the great tools don’t help. In this session learn ‘The Magnificent Seven Time Wasters’, the seven main thinking habits and behavioural strategies that prevent people from managing their time well and have an opportunity to work on one you want to overcome.

This session will:

Explore Time Management specifically using NLP concepts and interventions
Help people to model out time management problems and choose appropriate interventions
Adapt NLP interventions for time management specific issues

John McLachlan

John McLachlan is an NLP Master Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist and co founder of Monkey Puzzle Training. He is Co Author of the award winning book Real Leaders for the Real World. A former Chartered Accountant and group FD, John combines his psychology expertise with business knowledge to help people and businesses be both healthy and successful.

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