Utilising NLP and Clean Language to improve patient outcomes

Health StreamSunday 30th April @ 11:30am

Andy & Jo from Beyond Training have been working with a number of healthcare professionals over the last 4 years to bring the tools and techniques of NLP and Clean Language into day to day patient consultations.

In 2014 we embarked on a project with a Specialist Diabetes GP & the charity Diabetes UK to begin utilising linguistics to work alongside the motivational interviewing framework.

Our work has since been accepted into the CWHHE Diabetes Strategy Group for inclusion into future care planning for self-owned outcomes. The CWHHE Collaborative is the working partnership between Central London, West London, Hammersmith and Fulham, Hounslow and Ealing Clinical Commissioning Groups.

Andy & Jo will be joined by Rakhee Shah a Diabetes Podiatrist and one of their Master Practitioners who won an award for having the lowest number of lower limb amputations in the UK.  She will be discussing how adding the NLP tools she’s learnt since helps to further promote patient outcomes.

Find out how they’ve brought a mix of Clean Language and NLP into patient consultations and outcomes.

Andy Coley, Jo Wilson & Rakhee Shah

Andy & Jo from Beyond Training solutions are NLP Trainers who have been utilising their training within the Healthcare sector to enable both the healthcare professional and patients to achieve the outcomes they want.

They are joined by Rakhee Shah a specialist diabetes podiatrist who has added NLP to her training to enable her to assist patients in creating the changes they need to make to avoid losing limbs.

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