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2024 Presenter Proposals

Apply to present at the 2024 NLP International Conference
*Submission Deadline*

*23:59 (BST) on 31st July 2023*

Read about what the Conference Programme Team are looking for in your proposal below

Conference Dates:

Saturday 10th February to Sunday 11th February 2024

(2 Days of live virtual presentations)

Saturday 11th May to Sunday 12th May 2024
(In-person and live-streamed throughout)


We are now accepting proposals for presenting on either 

on Saturday 10th February or Sunday 11th February 2024 at the Live Virtual Conference event OR Sunday 12th May 2024 at the in-person Conference.

​Presenting at the NLP International Conference is an opportunity for anyone in the NLP community who has knowledge, expertise and presenting or training experience.

Our delegates attend the conference for a variety of reasons, whether it is "in-person" or virtual, including to connect with their community and find like-minded individuals to learn from. However, a large proportion do attend specifically to further their personal development and find new ideas, perspectives, approaches and applications to apply in their practice. 

Therefore, our conference audiences are receptive and open to new learning opportunities that will bring value to their lives and the lives of their clients. 

About Presenting

This role is your opportunity to:

  • contribute to the future development of the NLP community

  • meet new people and make new friends

  • develop professional networks

  • gain experience and expand your own skills and knowledge

We’re looking for NLP Professionals who:

  • are skilled presenters or trainers

  • have expertise and knowledge in specific applications of NLP and other complementary approaches or practices 

  • take an ethical approach to their NLP practice 

  • have innovative topical content to add value to an audience trained to NLP Master Practitioner and above

  • would like to contribute to the NLP  community

  • are available on either Saturday 10th or Sunday 11th February or Sunday 12th May 2024

We’re looking for presentation topics that:

  • provide new levels of knowledge and learning to delegates

  • are insightful and engaging

  • are interactive and informative 

  • are well structured with the audience in mind 

Successful presenters will benefit from:

  • conference marketing and exposure via the NLP Conference website and social media platforms

  • an opportunity to raise their profile by promoting their appearance as a presenter at the 2024 conference

  • a complimentary conference ticket for the day they are presenting, including lunch, refreshments and parking

  • if selected for an in-person session, they will get a free pass for the days of the conference they are presenting on

  • If they would like to attend the in-person Conference and they are a presenter, they will be charged a reduced delegate rate fee to cover the delegate day rate.

  • interaction and networking with all conference attendees via our exclusive conference app

Online Application Details

The online application form contains the following sections. Completion of all sections are required. We recommend preparing your answers in a word document and copying them into the online form to avoid any technical interference. 

You may submit up to 3 presentation topics within the same online proposal form. 

​Section 1: About you - contact information, bio and availability  

Section 2: Your background - if you have presented at the conference before

Section 3: New presenters only - outline your experience of presenting/training and provide
links to demo video showcasing your presentation skills, plus a  suitable and relevant reference or testimonial 

Section 4: Presentation details
- Title
- Content and learning outcomes
- Content ratio - e.g. percentage of talk/interaction/demos
- Time-slot preference - 45, 90 or 180 minutes (the majority selected will be 90 minutes)

Section 5: A chance to submit a further 2 proposals

Section 6: Declaration - agreement to represent the NLP International Conference in line with our requirements, actively support the promotion of the conference and understanding of your responsibilities as a presenter​

*Submission Deadline: 23:59 BST on 31st July 2023*

About the Selection Process

Each year, we receive a high volume of applications, far outnumbering the limited slots available over the three days. Therefore, please understand that you may not be successful this time around, regardless of how many times you have presented at the conference in the past. 

The presentation and programme selection process in undertaken in stages. Once all of the proposals have been reviewed by our conference programme team, each will be ranked in terms of what they offer for our audience i.e. learning, interaction, knowledge level and how attractive the topics are likely to be.


We aim to have a good mix of new and returning presenters. New presenters do require further review to ascertain the relevance of their skills and experience. 

The length of each session will be determined based on the content and experience level of the presenter. The majority of the slots will be 90 minutes with very few lasting 3 hours. This is due to providing as much variety and options as possible for our attendees.

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