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Aliyah Mohyeddin

Relationship Coaching

Saturday 20th May - 09:00 - 10:30 (BST)

Top Tip before attending Aliyah's session..."Bring your relationship stories, either personal or with clients."

Presentation details...

this session is for coaches who are interested in niching into relationship coaching or are already relationship coaches and want to enhance their skills and capabilities.    


In this session you will be given a coaching structure specifically for relationship coaching.  


You will learn what the key elements are to keep in mind when coaching relationships.  


What are the key issues that cause most relationships to fall over or be under pressure and how to deal with them.    


You will learn how to set your clients up for success in their relationship.

Learning outcomes...
  • A coaching structure to use for relationship coaching  


  • What are the main points over which relationships farther  


  • Keys to successful relationships  


  • Action steps your clients can do to enhance their relationships

About Aliyah...

Aliyah is an NLP trainer, relationship coach and a conflict resolution mediator.  


She specialises in assisting individuals and couples to transform their relationships to one of abundance, connection and fulfilment, by understanding the dynamics that underpin successful relationships and thus creating resourceful habits to enrich and nurture their relationships.

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