15 Feb 2018

Patterns are the key to understanding behaviour both good and bad. And the theories or strategies revealed as  result of eliciting these patterns may form solutions for many other contexts other than those in which they were originally discovered and used.

2 Feb 2018

The concept of Pleasure Vs Pain is key to any change work, the carrot or the stick metaphor is useful, but in reality we need them both. We are neurologically programmed to avoid pain, to move away from anything that will bring physical or emotional distress.

18 Oct 2017

"It’s the relationship that heals"

I’m sure that this quote from Irvin Yalom will be familiar to many of you. Dr. Yalom used it whilst working with a particularly challenging client, and I have always been curious as to what it really meant.  In NLP and Hypnotherapy I had learnt, and witnessed, how incredibly quickly we could create change in our clients.  So why was I still so preoccupied about the ‘relationship’ being the most important factor for change? 

It has always been important to me to follow-up with my clients. I wanted to ensure they experienced lasting and long-term results.  After several years of NLP practice and follow-up I found some discrepancies in the res...

5 Oct 2017

I recently typed “help me be a better leader” into Google and got over 50 million results in less than half a second. Go on … try it for yourself. But, if you do this and then select any of the first page search results, you will very quickly find they start talking about ‘things’ you should do to improve your ‘leadership’. Now let’s be very clear, my request to Google was about being a better leader and was definitely not about leadership development.

Am I being pedantic? No …
For me, the distinction is quite simple.

Leadership is a process. You can teach someone a process and it therefore follows that leadership can be learned. If we now add development into the equation, we end up...

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