18 Apr 2018

According to the NLP Awards Website, ‘The NLP Awards event was initiated to recognise and honour the difference NLP Professionals are making in all walks of life, on a daily basis.’ That is one thing that will happen on a glittering night as part of the NLP International Conference. There will be awards presented in 4 categories selected by Macmillan Cancer Support, our beneficiaries of the night, and one, the Lifetime Contribution Award for which a public vote is still open and will be open during the first two days of the Conference. Check out the shortlisted Finalists. What else will happen? From the pre-dinner drinks through to the dancing, this will be an evening to celebrate...

15 Apr 2018

Today the world of speaking is exploding. I have never seen so many live events running in my 27 years of doing business in the Personal Development space. Add to that the massive increase of easily producible and accessible videos on YouTube and this year’s proliferation of Facebook Live! At no other time in history is the importance of your ability to speak and present so great. It will make or break your career or business. Delegates are no longer happy with “chalk and talk” style delivery. They are now demand to be entertained and it is so easy for them to compare you with others around the world to see how you shape up. This all happens before they have picked up the phone or...

15 Apr 2018

I don’t tend to want to engage in business if the required amount of Hypnotic Engagement hasn’t been attained. Hypnotic Engagement with your Corporate and Personal clients is essential for bonding relationships that have the appropriate energy to make the magic - and of course results, happen.    In NLP, we talk a lot about Rapport and the process of Matching and Mirroring, yet none of that works (or any skill sets) without the required brain wave length to engage a client on the deepest level possible. Simply put, if the energy of the relationship is not correct, no matching and mirroring will ever work.

3 Apr 2018

Putting together a Conference which will be relevant and stretching for our audience is a year-long process. As we wrap up the previous year, we are already planning the next. Finding the right streams, topics and speakers is critical to ensure that our audiences get a choice of topics that address the core of NLP, NLP applications, developments, success stories and industry focus. No speaker is guaranteed a slot, they are all selected on merit. There are some 60 plus presenters in up to 6 parallel streams, so choice is always available. The balance between genders is around equal, slightly more female than male, and the age range is varied. This is not some ‘old boys club’ but rat...

28 Mar 2018

You don’t just get to see trainers, many of them with over 20 years experience in NLP, in action, they are also there at the event, over the tea breaks and the lunchtimes and at the NLP Awards on the Saturday night. So you can talk to them on a personal level and assess how you and they will be able to work together. Not every sweet will be to your taste or satisfy your needs. We are all different, after all. Now you can try before you buy. Always a good strategic approach.

22 Mar 2018

We have so many ways to communicate these days, it seems counter intuitive to block off days in the calendar and to go to a physical Conference in a hotel with other people. And yet, there are many advantages to taking time out to go to a Conference where you will meet friends – old and new – discuss topics that are shared in an environment where conversation is encouraged. The NLP Conference has been called many things. One is that it is ‘NLP in community’. When we are in community, something special happens That has been the lesson from NLP Conferences past. When we get people together, however their ideas and views may differ, they converse, they seek to understand and they adju...

It became apparent as we ‘took the starting hold’ that the dance was an interesting metaphor for a model we had been developing about how couples advance and retreat within their relationship.

20 Oct 2017

Bateson was fascinated by how we send and receive messages and meta-messages, and how we make sense of what’s happening, and how we can respond to stay sane and creative.

5 Oct 2017

I recently typed “help me be a better leader” into Google and got over 50 million results in less than half a second. Go on … try it for yourself. But, if you do this and then select any of the first page search results, you will very quickly find they start talking about ‘things’ you should do to improve your ‘leadership’. Now let’s be very clear, my request to Google was about being a better leader and was definitely not about leadership development.

Am I being pedantic? No …
For me, the distinction is quite simple.

Leadership is a process. You can teach someone a process and it therefore follows that leadership can be learned. If we now add development into the equation, we end up...

Long term illness including cancer, does not just affect people physically – it causes anxiety and depression, damages confidence, challenges relationships and affects working lives. The long 'journey' back to normal that most survivors and their families face is tough. Returning to work presents many unforeseen challenges.  Survivors of long term illness and their employers often have no idea of the impact and have totally false expectations about what is a ‘normal’ return to work. Line managers comment “Shouldn’t she/he be working full time by now? Maybe she/he isn’t up to the job any longer?” Employees end up saying “I should be feeling better by now, what can I do to improve my...

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