18 Jan 2018

The art of imagery goal setting led me to a clearly defined focus where ultimately, I embraced that “If it was going to be, it was up to me”.

13 Oct 2017

When I mentioned to a friend what topic I had chosen for the 2018 International NLP Conference, she said “No-one will want to go to that – it’s so morbid!”  In a way, that’s exactly why I chose the topic. Not because it is morbid, but because people don’t usually want to talk about death.

And yet all of us are going to experience death one day. It is the inevitable final outcome of our lives, and it is this angle that intrigues me. As NLP practitioners we are accustomed to setting outcomes for all the other areas of life – so what about exploring life’s ultimate outcome?

In a strange way I have been lucky, as I have experienced death in different ways since I was a little child. Since...

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