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All the latest news, blogs, tips and updates for the NLP International Conference

NLP Conference Tip No. 1
Layer Up!

B - Layer Up.png

We’re back in person, live in the room, physically present for the 2023 NLP International Conference…for the first time since 2019! 


It’s been a while so we’re sending out some messages to those who will be with us at the hotel to be as comfortable as possible for the wonderful sessions we have lined up!


The message we have put out in the past is about layering up… and by this we mean wearing several layers of clothing to keep you warm if you’re too cold.. and that you can take off, layer by layer, if you become too warm!


The hotel maintains a constant temperature using air conditioning… to change this temperature, up or down, can take an hour… and may not suit everyone in the room!  We’ve had Conference attendees asking to raise the temperature and lower it in the same room at the same time…


The best way to be as comfortable as you can is to take responsibility for your own comfort as far as possible… and layering your clothing gives you lots of options…


So, if you’re attending the Conference this year, wear a few thinner layers and bring an extra jumper or light jacket.  The weather outside may be warm and sunny, and yet you will know, from previous experiences, that air conditioned rooms do not always reflect the outside temperature! So please ensure you keep your options open and can adjust your clothing to take advantage of cooler indoor spaces.

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