Special Event for General Viewing
Hosted by
ANLP International CIC
The NLP International Conference

Celebrating International Women's Day


7 remarkable women, from 7 different countries, on International Women's Day, will take you on a journey of experience where you will identify and gain a deep understanding of the purpose of your life.

Each speaker will engage you with a model for moving from where you are to where you deeply desire your life to be. Delegates will receive worksheets to support and guide you through each step of the process, culminating with creating a legacy that carries your story forward to empower others.

"The Heroine's Journey - Creating and Extraordinary Life"


Presenters: Marilou Seavey, Claudia Halbi, Fanika Nikic, Dania Zahid, Gemma Frankland, Dr Nermin Kamal, Bina Mathews