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Chukky Okobi

NLP and Ancient Hawaii: The Saviour of American Football?

Saturday 20th May - 17:30 - 19:00 (BST)

Top Tip before attending Chukky's session..."Come with a clear mind and be willing to leave all prior learnings at the door"

Presentation details...

With the discovery of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) by Dr Bennet Omalu in 2002 during an autopsy of former football player Mike Webster of the Pittsburgh Steelers, CTE has been linked to the athletes who participate in contact sports, in particular American football.


As of today, CTE can only be diagnosed via autopsy. Many former football players that have been found to have the condition post-mortem have been known to have suffered mental and emotional issues prior to their passing, symptoms such as cognitive and intellectual impairment, destitution, mood disorders, depression, drug abuse, and suicide attempts.       


NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner Chukky Okobi is an 8-year veteran of the National Football League (2001-2008).


In the years subsequent to his pro football career, like many former NFL players he suffered all of the symptoms mentioned above and was hospitalized for much of 2016. Medical doctors were unable to give a diagnosis or offer relief, Okobi turned to NLP to mitigate his own physical, mental, and emotional suffering.        


The decade following his pro sports career, Chukky Okobi dealt with many traumatic brain injury symptoms that are indicative of CTE. Being hospitalized for almost 9 months in 2016, medical doctors were unable to provide him any relief or diagnosis.


The lack of direction or effective medical care, Chukky turned his attention back to his NLP learnings, became certified as an NLP trainer, and began studying the ancient Hawaiian healing and energy practice known as Huna. Chukky credits the teachings of Dr Matt James and Empowerment Inc. (NLP, hypnosis, and Huna energy healing) for helping him eliminate 100% of all of his TBI symptoms, eliminated his dependency on depression and anti-psychotic prescriptions, and completely regained control of his mental, emotional, and physical health.


As a Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, he now teaches and coaches others to regain control of their mental and emotional well-being...

Learning outcomes...

The combination of NLP and Huna has the potential to restore and rehabilitate the human mind after severe head trauma in a manner outside of traditional western medicine.


Which begs the question "What other human ailments and health problems can NLP help solve?"

About Chukky...

An 8-year alumni of the NFL and a Super Bowl winner with his hometown Pittsburgh Steelers, today Chukky Okobi is an emotional intelligence and integrative psychology professional.


As a Keynote & Motivational speaker, he serves as an executive mindset coach for entrepreneurs, C-level executives, and other high-level performing professionals.


Through his journey in business and sports, Chukky shares his experience to guide other ambitious professionals to take complete control of their mental faculties, develop greater emotional discipline, and access their untapped inherent talents to elevate their empowerment in their careers and lives overall.


His passion is helping leaders to realize that Success is Simple...if you know the Basic Instructions of Mind Mastery.

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