NLP International Conference Testimonials

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"The time is NOW to unite, be strong and be generative. Our world needs us. The NLP world is revolutionized… We innovate! We co-create! We enhance our skills more than ever! We are called to be and do what we were called upon to be and do. The Virtual NLP International Conference is an incredible opportunity to connect, to keep up to date, to reignite the passion, to cross pollinate, to polish our professionalism, to strengthen our collective field and bring more good in this world." 

Colette Normandeau, Canada

Colette Normandeau.JPG

This conference is so comprehensive and professional. I’ve enhanced my thinking in so many ways. It always helps me reaffirm my self-belief - I can do this!

Harriet Pemberton, Wiltshire UK

A great opportunity to feel part of the NLP community and to discover how we are all making a difference in the world using NLP in our own way. A great place to learn and share.

Caroline Hart, Kent UK

This is an absolutely fantastic conference. Brilliant organisation and incredibly friendly. It is amazing being with so many like minded people with such a great positive attitude.

Tania A Prince, Cheshire UK

This is such a brilliant, professionally-organised event! It is the best place to meet a wide range of NLP Trainers, learn new skills and engage in a weekend of personal development. I'm proud to associate my company brand with the Conference.

Dianne Lowther, Midlands UK

The care and organisation the ANLP put in led to the best programme, the most relaxed networking, maximised learning and the most exciting opportunities from collaborations started at the conference.

Reb Veale, Gloucestershire UK

A must for all NLP professionals who want to feel empowered, learn more about cutting edge developments in our field, make heart-based connections and stimulate generative collaborations with peers from around the world.

Colette Normandeau, Canada

This is a fantastic opportunity to network, to refresh your knowledge, and to gain new insights. Whatever level of NLP experience you have there will be something for you at the conference.

Peter Rolland, London UK

I was blown away with some of the speakers and the wealth and breadth of NLP application in the room. My sense of the NLP community has opened up and with it my sense of what's possible for me.

Fiona Powley, Bristol UK

If you decided to pass on the NLP conference.. I have to say I think you made a mistake. The 3 days have been outstanding...high quality training sessions, an opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones.Trust me, it was amazing.

Tony Nutley, Wiltshire UK

The conference was not only innovative, educational and informative but facilitated new tools and methodologies to take away and use in our practice.

Tina Beckham, Kent UK

I learnt so much from sessions and other attendees. It was well worth the expense.

Martin Strong, Wiltshire UK

An amazing experience for anyone that loves NLP and wants to share that feeling and most of all the interaction with other cultures.

Nick Fragkias, Greece

I really enjoyed the conference.There were some amazing sessions, plus opportunities to meet new and old friends. If you are NLP qualified, it should be on your calendar every year.

Gayle Young, Surrey UK


The NLP International Conference is THE place to be to find out what is new in NLP from around the world and to have conversations that will change your life.

Shelle Rose Charvet, Canada

This conference is truly international, truly inspiring and full of practical knowledge that raises the bar of quality and integrity in our NLP community. You will meet and make friends for a life time.

Judith DeLozier, USA