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Conor Hughes

Mixing It Up: How to Ignite Your Trainings by Using Today's Tools (Way) Better

Sunday 21st May - 11:00 - 12:30 (BST)

Top Tip before attending Conor's session..."1. Think about how you were taught eye accessing cues. 
2. Go to Conor's web page,, and experience how magic can be brought to teaching eye accessing cues.

Presentation details...

You've got the tools: videos, pdfs, assignments, quizzes, Zoom, breakout rooms, surveys, discussion groups, shared whiteboards...But does it sometimes feel like you are still banging the rocks together?  


In this session the focus is on practical next-level creativity with the tools you already have (and some upcoming tools you might want!)    


You will get direct experience of creative uses of tools you already use, and explore insightful ways of thinking about your own training processes.      


You've already got the awesome NLP content under your belt. Now power up your teaching structures, processes and contexts. Start transforming the level of engagement and understanding of everyone you train - EVEN FURTHER than you already do!

Learning outcomes...
  • Understand the strengths and limitations of the 'broadcast' approach across all variants: in-the-room, live online, remote self-paced.


  • Understand the impact of instant feedback in remote work and options for creating it.


  • Experience and explore the creative training uses of items including.


  • Dynamic avatars and the Metaverse future    


  • Standard apps: PowerPoint capabilities, Excel, flexible use of pdfs etc


  • Other technology tools  


  • Understand the Bartle user model of gamification and some of its uses in NLP training  


  • Appreciate (at a high level) the tech changes that will open up new forms of interaction and engagement with students, within the next 5 years  


  • Feel inspired and emboldened to deliver the invaluable NLP content in a current and credible manner

About Conor...

1 cup of Artificial Intelligence  

1 cup of NLP trainer experience  

1 cup of international coaching  

3 cups of corporate and business experience  

1 cup of passion for global NLP reach  

2 tablespoons of demystifying IT to uplift NLP trainings  

1 cup of respect for the changing NLP audience    

Season well with creativity, insight and the unexpected.  

Chill for over 17 years.  (Serves as many as possible.)  Dr Conor Hughes

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