Virtual Exhibitor Booths

As well as being such a vibrant environment; we have found having an exhibitor stand invaluable in making new contacts and starting to build relationships.  The atmosphere is highly conducive to building rapport with other NLP professionals and it has been commercially successful, with both course bookings and product sales.  We cannot wait to have a stand again next year…exhibiting at this conference is now one of the first things to go in our calendar each year! 

~ Reb Veale, Reveal Solutions ~

Why Exhibit at the 2022 Virtual NLP International Conference?

At this 3-day virtual event, you can expect to network and interact with hundreds of NLP professionals who are eager to learn, develop and grow both personally and professionally. The conference provides individual brands and businesses with the opportunity to engage with potential customers, sell products, services and drive revenue to your business. 

We have a limited number of stands available (20 in total), so please do get in touch to secure yours. 

Stands are £350 + VAT and includes:

  • A total of seven months of opportunity (one month leading up to the Conference and six months after whilst the session recordings are still available.

  • promotion of your business via our website, social media and rapport magazine

  • access to network via our exclusive conference app

  • exclusive 30 minute open slot during the Conference and other promotional opportunities once the Whova App is live

Exhibitor ROI - How to get the most out of the Virtual Conference

By clicking on your profiles, attendees can explore each virtual booth for an overview of the company, viewing your videos, attending your livestream session, reading your description, viewing your contact information and accessing any promotional offers you may have. Once the livestream and videos are set up, they will also be shown as a special topic in the community board to attract more attention.

Exhibitors can upload videos and livestreams from both the web and mobile apps and even set the videos to autoplay the moment attendees enter their virtual booths. Incorporating these videos allows exhibitors to engage with attendees right away, showcasing their company and speaking openly with attendees viewing their livestreams, as they would be able to at the in-person conference. 

The Virtual Exhibitor Booths can open the door to gathering leads and making connections as easy as the in-person event. For instance, exhibitors can feature different promotional offers through their profile, such as raffles, giveaways, or coupons and when attendees choose to enter, they are recorded as leads for the exhibitor. They will also be recorded if they click “like” to the exhibitor. Exhibitors can then export the compiled leads through Whova.

If an attendee prefers reaching out through text, each exhibitor profile features a chat function where attendees can get in contact with exhibitors. This provides a straightforward way for attendees to ask any questions about the product and for exhibitors to conveniently assist multiple attendees and gather leads through a digital format.

You will be sent a personal link by us to set up your company’s description, set up promotional offers, and upload livestreams and pre-recorded videos for your booth. Your profiles can be built through the web or mobile app — whatever works best for you! 

For more information email us here.