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Ian Pitchford

Ancient Wisdom for a Happy Life

Saturday 20th May - 15:30 - 17:00 (BST)

Top Tip before attending Ian's session - Watch Ian's Tao journey and pick up a copy of the Tao te Ching

Presentation details...

What you will get from this session is...   


A clear understanding of how a piece of 2½ millennia-old wisdom directly relates to our world today.    


To gain an understanding of how the presuppositions of NLP appear to have their roots in this ancient wisdom.    


How this ancient wisdom can support you and your clients in living a happy life

Learning outcomes...

The relationship between the Tao te Ching and NLP.     


This is the link to Ian's recent TEDx Surrey University presentation.

About Ian...

Ian is a Master Trainer of NLP and an International Coaching Federation Coach, credentialled as a Professionally Certified Coach.


He has been providing organisational, team and individual coaching for 20 years. He works with individuals and teams to explore perceptions, behaviours and support them in exploring how to create incredibly powerful relationships with themselves and their teams.    


Committed to lifetime learning, he brings a variety of approaches to his work including NLP, Hypnotherapy, emotional intelligence coaching to change management and mindfulness.  Often described by his clients as calm, intuitive, motivated and enthusiastic. A well sought after with a recent TEDx performance at TEDx Surrey University – Refresh. He coaches and consults with honesty and flexibility, enabling all involved to evolve and adapt to the themes and challenges that appear in any development or coaching journey.    


As a former member of the Royal Navy Ian has experienced a variety of military environments and is passionate about supporting those who have suffered in service. As a qualified coaching and therapeutic supervisor, Ian will continue to be a champion of professional practice supervision in NLP.

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