Date: Tuesday 8th March 2022 

Time: 14:00 - 17:30 (GMT) 


Marilou Seavey

Claudia Halib

Fanicka Nicki

Dania Ziad

Gemma Frankland

Dr Nermin Kamal

Bina Mathews

"The Heroine's Journey - Creating and Extraordinary Life"


During the Covid lockdown, as a group of women who were connected through NLP, came together to form a support system under the umbrella of Creating Extraordinary Lives.  First conceived by Marilou Seavey, Creating Extraordinary Lives is a support group for women seeking to create a safe environment to further personal growth.


By allowing each one of us to explore how, in leaving a comfort zone, searching for a new identity, recognizing our mentors, taming our inner dragons, we were following the monomyth described by Joseph Campbell in The Hero's Journey.  As women moving through our discoveries together, holding a space for each other, inspiring each other, and within the moments of despair, letting go of our perceived control and safety when facing the unknown, we created a pathway for other women to follow.  


What we call The Heroine's Journey – Creating an Extraordinary Life is a sequence of steps or a strategy that coincides with the 3 main stages of a journey of discovery, the Departure, the Initiation, and the Return.


The transformation that has happened throughout our coming together made us realize that supporting one another made us even better and stronger. The continuous growth for us is in taking the time and effort and surrendering to this more significant cause of inspiring other women to create an extraordinary life for themselves.


Each of us will offer you both insight and experience to move through your challenges to a new agency within that can be expressed as your personal 'extraordinary.'

Through both personal and vicarious experiences, you will discover, despite the constraints of the outer world, the steps for facilitating your growth in creating a life of choice.  You will gain insight into how grief, loss, fear, anger, loneliness… all human frailties are foundations for joy, belonging, compassion.

Take this journey with us and find new resources for your extraordinary life.



"We are all considered heroines, giving ourselves to something bigger"