Values: An Invaluable Tool

with Jeremy Lazarus

Saturday 16th May 2020

4.30pm - 6pm

‘Values’ (i.e. what is/are important to us) is an invaluable tool to improve our results and satisfaction in life. In this highly-participative session, you will learn how to use ‘Values’ when selling, managing, motivating, recruiting, team-building, improving relationships and making choices.  Leading HR specialists have said that if every manager used this, it would transform the workplace. All relationships depend on it. Great sales-people and careers coaches use it consistently. If you apply what you learn in this session your results are bound to improve significantly. 

You will learn...

  • how to work effectively with values.

  • how to find out someone's values.

  • how to find out someone's key values in any context.

  • how to use this knowledge to sell, manage effectively, make choices, improve work and relationship satisfaction, and improve teamwork. 

  • how to coach people in the above.

About Jeremy

Jeremy Lazarus is an Accredited Master Executive Coach, a Certified Master Trainer of NLP and a former finance director.  He specialises in the use of NLP in business, sport and coaching, and provides Coach training accredited by Association for Coaching and ILM. He is a coaching assessor for the AC, and the author of four best-selling books.    His clients include blue chips, SMEs, several NHS trusts, charities and elite athletes, including the Great Britain pistol shooting team and Premier League footballers.