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Joanna Harper

The APEX Model for Change

Sunday 21st May - 11:00 - 12:30 (BST)

Presentation details...

The APEX model is an innovative, integrative model for change.  


In this interactive session, you will discover how to actively increase conscious awareness of previously automatic, mindless behaviours, needs and triggers by following the practical, empowering APEX framework steps. With the APEX model, you can confidently coach your clients to break problematic patterns of circular thinking, negative self-talk, unhealthy habits and compulsions.


You and your clients can move from being at ‘effect’ to being ‘at cause’ with decisions, responses and behaviours by increasing awareness and developing autonomy.


The APEX model can generate embodied awareness and increase stress resiliency.

Learning outcomes...
  • Discover a new integrative coaching model   


  • Learn the four APEX model steps

  • Find out how to use the APEX model in client sessions  

  • Explore how the APEX model can enhance your NLP and coaching practice

About Joanna...

Joanna Harper is an experienced integrative coach, author, Breath-Body-Mind™ teacher, Qigong instructor and accredited NLP trainer.


She specialises in coaching clients whose past prevents their progress.


Joanna brings a blend of creativity, compassion, experience, understanding, depth and practical applications to her training courses and presentations