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Jo Creed

Spotting Language Patterns

Thursday 23rd February - 19:00 - 21:00 (GMT)

Top Tip before attending Jo's session - Refresh Meta Model and Meta Programmes. Listen to yourself and hone in on one programme eg Internal/External reference and notice any patterns in your own language.

Presentation details...

People present us with so much information in their language that can be easy to miss, yet this information is key to us coaching at our best and providing our clients with powerful shifts.


Our clients provide us with many clues within what they say, whether it be verbalising their issues or outcomes, or answering our questions.


These language patterns provide you, as a coach or communicator, with valuable information that can give you important clues about what is possibly going on below the surface. Once spotted you can then ensure that the next questions you ask are the key ones to enable shifts.  


By increasing your skills on spotting the patterns your clients are using in their language, you will be able to significantly enhance your coaching ability.

Learning outcomes...

In this session we look at the types of patterns that come up in people’s language and how you can start to develop your pattern identification skills and will:    


  • Examine what language patterns are  


  • Understand the types of patterns that may be evident in the other person's language 

  • Learn some of the key things to look out for and the potential clues they give as to what is going on beneath the surface 

  • Develop your listening skills 

  • Define some of the questions you ask

About Jo...

I have been a NLP Trainer for 11 years and run both public courses and help service and heart led organisations through the integration of NLP.


Language is my passion and I look forward to sharing this passion in the session

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