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Joe Cheal

What Do You Need? - New Models of Leadership

Saturday 20th May - 11:00 - 12:30 (BST)

Top Tip before attending Joe's session - Think about the qualities, characteristics and behaviours of a good leader/manager and a less good leader/manager. Then consider your reactions/behaviours to both kinds...

Presentation details...

Leadership can be less than easy… particularly during times of change, uncertainty and ambiguity.


The tumultuous past three or so years has tested the mettle of most leaders… so what is the difference between those who were deemed ‘good’ vs those who were deemed ‘poor’?    


In this interactive session, we will explore the responsive, adaptive skill of leadership.


You will discover a series of models, tools and presuppositions that I have developed and shared with leaders and managers across hundreds of businesses.    


Come along and learn about 'Needs-Based Leadership' and the '3Es Model' (concept and dynamic). There will also be time for some ‘what-ifs’ and ‘how do you…

Learning outcomes...

Anyone participating in this session will develop more strategies in how to:  

  • Engage and empower your people to deliver  

  • Balance the welfare with the performance… and drive this to become generative  


  • Adapt your approach to meet the functional-needs of the folks you are leading... so they can bring their best to what they do

About Joe...

Joe Cheal is an NLP Master Trainer and owner of Imaginarium Learning & Development.


Since 1993 he has worked with thousands of leaders/managers… and in that time, he has been modelling the application of leadership.


He is the author of Solving Impossible Problems, Driving Your Destiny, The Model Presenter, Who Stole My Pie.

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