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Joseph O'Connor

From Reactivity to Creativity

Sunday 14th May - 14:00 - 17:30 (BST)

Top Tip before attending Joseph's session - Come with an open mind and be willing to discover new things about yourself

Presentation details...

Human beings create. We can't help it.    


We also mystify and objectify, so we think there is a magic quality called 'creativity' that we have or not, that can be obtained or not and measured and compared with others.    


Creativity is not an 'it' but a process that can't be stopped when the pieces are in place.  A shy friend who will only visit when they feel welcome.    


This session with explore the creative process and how to release 'it', and understand how we can  move from Reacting to Creating.    


One displaced letter makes a world of difference.

Learning outcomes...
  • A better understanding of the creative process.    


  • Knowing the enemies of creativity and how to combat them.    


  • Creativity strategies    


  • Seeing goal achievement as creative problem solving    


  • Creativity and intuition - strategies to be more intuitive.

About Joseph...

Joseph O'Connor is an internationally recognised author, executive coach, and trainer.  


He has given trainings in over thirty countries.  


Author of nineteen books and three audiotapes on NLP, Coaching, Systemic thinking and Neuroscience, his books have been translated into thirty languages and have sold over half a million copies worldwide

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