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Judith Lowe

Difficult Conversations – NLP Has Tools and Skills to Offer a World in Crisis

Sunday 12th May - 11:00 (BST)

Presentation details...

How can we connect meaningfully across profound differences with people?    


This is one of the most important questions of our challenging times. In everyday life and on global social media, there are vast chasms of understanding about critical life-changing issues. 


Different groups, locally and across the world, seem to be meaning-making from completely different data sets, filters and evidences – and acting according to the world view and conclusions they have reached.  


Is it possible to build connections and enriched overlaps of understanding about what is happening in terms of the crises and conflicts we face and the types of collective collaborations for solutions we need, with people running very different mindsets?  


Can we also do this in our personal lives, at home and at work, with our own troubling interpersonal conflicts, misunderstandings and fallouts?

Learning outcomes...

In this session we will work from ‘first principles’ (NLP Presuppositions, e.g. ‘positive intention’, ‘map/territory’, etc) and the powerful neuro-linguistic ‘communications toolbox’ of NLP (perceptual positions, reframing, state, belief change, negotiation model, the T.O.T.E model, etc.).


We will explore how to create more of a workable atmosphere and culture - for human connection across difference, mutual understanding, shared reality, resilience, creativity, and collective action – at both micro and macro scale.

About Judith...

Judith Lowe is a Master Trainer of NLP working in the UK and Internationally, in real life and online. 


She specialises in Masterclasses, Practice Groups, Modelling Groups and training to make both NLP and Generative Change tools more accessible and useful for social change and leadership projects. 


She also guest trains on Certificated NLP programmes.

Top tip before attending Judith's session...Judith says "Think sincerely about conflict - bring your heart and soul to bring about peace in your world"

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