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Judith Lowe

Modelling and Coaching

Sunday 21st May - 11:00 - 12:30 (BST)

Top Tip before attending Judith's session - If you're interested in modelling, there are some lovely books to read (Robert Dilts or Fran Burgess). Walk in someone else's shoes and notice how modelling plays a part in our daily lives.

Presentation details...

When we are Coaching with NLP we are always Modelling too. As the coach we are curious about how the client has constructed their model of reality. How come they are finding it so hard to experience optimism or confidence or self-esteem in their problem situation? How is it that their options are so unclear, low quality, not feasible, double-binding etc? Why are they here? And how can we actually help?    


As we stay present, focussed, listening and tuning in to the client, asking good questions, making suggestions, gathering feedback, we are stepping in and out of their reality, directing, testing, modelling and learning with every micro step, how to be a good coach for them.


We are hoping this coaching conversation will help them to see things differently, re-connect them to themselves and others in resourceful ways, sense the potential in the situation, find direction, and get creative.

Learning outcomes...

To some extent we progress by making comparisons with ‘what works’ for happy humans (!) what is functional, thriving, and sets someone on a path of wellbeing.  


We have great models as well as modelling skills in NLP to do this – Perceptual Positions, ‘Winning Beliefs’, Meta-programmes, the NLP Presuppositions etc etc.    


In this session you will explore how you can be more conscious in your modelling of the mindset of your client using the tools of NLP – through language, the body,  and submodalities – finding the patterns and filters which are generating their meaning-making, and helping to restore their human functionality -strength, compassion, wisdom, humour, connection, and creativity.

About Judith...

Judith Lowe is an international trainer in Systemic NLP.


She offers masterclasses in Belief Change, Coaching at Identity Level, and NLP for Social Change.  


She runs a monthly drop-in NLP Practice Group - everyone welcome.


Her NLP institute in London is PPD Learning Ltd, and she is a member of the faculty at NLPU

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