Expressing Excellence: Your Voice Power

with Laura Spicer

Sunday 17th May 2020

4.30pm - 6pm

In this session, you will explore a deeper understanding of what your voice is doing, and how to create greater impact by using your voice artfully. You will be able to gain more control of the effect you have and increase your skill as a NLPer. You will also learn to bathe your audience or clients in good feelings, find your authentic vocal style, add fun and useful territory to your map, speak with greater power and authority, and make it easy for your clients to follow your suggestions. Whether you are an experienced presenter or trainer, or just starting out, the skills you will learn will be immediately applicable in all aspects of your life and work. Join this interactive session to have fun playing and exploring what you can do even better!  

You will learn...

  • to have much greater control of how to use your voice to help your clients.

  • to clear blocks to expressing yourself more effectively.

  •  to sound more inspiring, relaxing and authoritative.

  • to become more skilled in eliciting responses.

About Laura

For the last 35 years, Laura has had plenty of experience in training, coaching, consulting. She has a thriving NLP clinic, runs practice groups and hosts masterclasses for Practitioners and specialises in speaking voice trainings for NLPers. Laura is also the 'Director of Sound Practice' for the Society of NLP