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Mark Woodhouse

Organisation Development & the Neuro-Linguistic Technologies: How to Marry Hard Science and Soft Skills in an Increasingly ‘Evidence-Based’ World

Date/time TBC

Presentation details...

A central theme in Organisation Development is the ‘learning organisation’, which, for many, is the recognised blueprint of how organisations will have to behave in the future – not only to thrive but in order to survive. Yet many NLP practitioners seem unsure as to what a learning organisation is, what organisation development means, and how best to help organisations learn and develop themselves along these lines.   


At the same time, the ‘neuro-linguistic technologies’ have been recognised as a powerful toolbox of tools and techniques with which to ‘unlock people potential and maximise people performance’, whilst some have sought to dismiss them as ‘pop-psychology’ and ‘pseudo-science’, and ultimately not ‘evidence-based’. 


This can present problems for NLP practitioners wanting to validate their model and methodology, evidence theory in practice and do so in both a rigorous yet relevant way.  

Learning outcomes...

This session explores the employment of the Neuro Linguistic Technologies in Organisation Development and how to marry hard science with soft skills in an increasingly ‘evidence-based’ world.    


By attending this session, you will learn: (1) what the learning organisation is; and (2) what organisation development means. And how to use the neuro-linguistic technologies to both: (3) evidence theory in practice; and (4) do so in a rigorous yet relevant way.    


This workshop will be relevant to those who use the neuro-linguistic technologies to help develop people within organisations. It will be particularly attractive to those who want to marry ‘hard science’ with ‘soft skills’ in an increasingly ‘evidence-based’ world.

About Mark...

Mark is a coach-consultant and the Director of Performance People.  He has an MSc in Organisation Development & Neuro Linguistic Technologies and is an ANLP Accredited Trainer.  Whether working one-on-one or speaking with a wider audience, his open and immediate style raises awareness, generates responsibility and helps people take real action.  Mark’s real passion in life is the creation and communication of mental models and metaphors which to help unlock people potential and maximise people performance.

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