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Dr Mary Sanders

Changing Lives in Organizations Through Research Based NLP Methods

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Presentation details...

The traditional change models don’t match today’s need for rapid change in organizations experiencing generative technology combined with remote work. 


It’s time for changing our change models to create readiness and quickly generate positive change.  For those who would like to have the research-based proof that NLP works, this is the workshop to participate in.   


The Sanders’ Transformational Change Model is built from the results of quantitative research within a large company, testing two NLP methods of Metaphor/Story and Reverse Structured Time Orientation Pattern.


Research using NLP methods is very limited, conducting the research in a real organisation experiencing organisational culture change is rarer.  The results of this Ph.D. research will be reviewed, showing the statistical significance of the two patterns related to control groups. Within the Conference session, you will see the data and be able to create the patterns for use in your organisational development work.   


This new research-based change model will be presented for virtual and/or face to face programs at the Conference.  It was developed specifically for change professionals who are seeking innovative methods that work with any educational level.  


You will learn how to use the Model’s techniques to eloquently create readiness for the changes being introduced.  Interactive activities will be interwoven in the 90-minute presentation/webinar to craft the NLP change messages so you can walk out with specific messages to use in the future.  The Sanders' Transformational Change Model shows change methods and how to access the underlying neurological factors behind lasting change.  I will show you, the three-part model including two significant research-based methods and how these to create change in employees’ attitudes, perceptions and behaviours.

Learning outcomes...

Learning Outcomes include:    


  • Walk away with the knowledge of the researched NLP methods    

  • Ability to use 2 research based methods in      

            * organizational development projects      

            * leadership messages      

            * change messages that you deliver when working with companies and organizations  


  • Learn about the Sanders' Transformational Change Model and how it applies to changing lives, work and organizations

About Mary...

From consulting with Fortune 500 companies to strategic planning with small businesses to training management officers in prisons, Dr. Mary Sanders brings a continuing expansive body of knowledge that she loves to share. 


Her research and professional interests are about how to create lasting change in organizations through innovative neurolinguistics strategies.  Dr. Sanders has been teaching and training adults about management skills for the majority of her career.  She created and led a corporate sales training department using competency models and customized workshops for a national healthcare company.  


She has facilitated thousands of workshops in many industries and in government.  Currently Dr. Sanders serves as an Associate Professor at DeVry University and Keller Graduate School of Business, where she conducts courses in Leadership; Change Management; Training and Development; Innovation, Technology and Culture; and Critical Thinking courses.  


In her Ph.D. research she studied the effects of using two NLP methods to reduce resistance to change in a large organization.  


Dr. Sanders has presented at the Association of Change Management Professionals 2022 conference and 2023 Webinar, the 2020 OPEX international conference and The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs 2023 conference.

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