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Nathalie Lebas

The Journey of Self Discovery

Sunday 14th May - 16:00 - 17:30 (BST)

Top Tip before attending Nathalie's session - Nathalie says "Follow her on Linked IN, Facebook and Instagram, where she will be promoting various tips on somatic movement prior to the conference..."

Presentation details...

In this highly cognitive and constantly changing world, everyone may feel the need to get back to basics, to take the time to come back to themselves.


This somatic practice (body movements) enables you to connect to all parts of your body, to your emotions, to bring awareness to everything you feel, to calm the nervous system down and to move forward in a more confident way towards your authentic being, your identity and your desired state.    


In this presentation, you will learn:    


That the transformation process begins with centering, and reconnecting with yourself, with your body, by bringing all the curiosity necessary through movement and mindfulness. Because, everything is movement.    


The movement of our bodies, the movement of our lives, the movement within us and that of the earth, around us. There are many ways to move and each human being is unique.


You are unique in your own body and in your own expression of yourself. Each human being has its own energy, and with Generative NLP and somatic mind we can live a journey of self-discovery to be the change we want to see in your world, professionally and personally.    


Through an exploration of your body through movement, NLP skills and music, you will find new possibilities of being present to yourself and to others; I will guide you on a journey to enter in the realm of the NLP somatic universe, (re)-discover your body, its wholeness, in its ability to move, to open new expressions of yourself in order to move forward in the world .    


My presentation will include Generative NLP, exploration with some movements, with music, the importance of Somatic Mind, and how it can change your internal and external world.  It is a journey of self-discovery, of our own hero’s journey at your own pace.  


SO, are you ready to move and reconnect yourself to your body ????  


I am an awakener of people dreams, be careful!

Learning outcomes...

 My intention, through presentations and body movements, is to help you to :    


  • Centering and Opening a space for discovering new possibilities with a somatic COACH state   

  • Connecting somatic mind to increase your inner alignment and human connections  

  • Letting your bodies express their deep self    

  • Being Aware of each part of your body, self-discovery of all resources you have inside of your-self, somatically    

  • Welcoming the experience, and all emotions which are coming during the journey    

  • A real experience of somatic journey to be the change you want to be in the world!    

About Nathalie...

Nathalie Lebas, Generative Coach, NLP Master Trainer, Dancer, Generative Change Supervisor, Co-heading IAGC France.      


Nathalie is passionate about human beings, NLP, Generative Change and Dance.


She studied NLP with Robert Dilts at NLPU (Master Trainer 2019 in Santa Cruz-California, USA) and has developed a Generative NLP and Somatic Mind Institute (Be the change and caring for the collective) in France.


She practices Generative Trance (that she learned from Stephen Gilligan) with her clients, Generative Consulting and is bringing this work into business and in personal development.  


Nathalie is the manager of a Generative Coaching, Training and Consulting company (CHRYSALYS) specialized in transformation for women and men, leaders, managers and collaborators in order to bring them more efficiency and success in their business.


As a transformational coach, she also contributes to help people make their skills, talents, potential and resources emerge, to be the change they want to see in the world, in their business and personal life.  


She also works with executive members, with managers in different companies to help them define new strategies, new visions, missions, ambitions and roles in order to respond to a challenging changing world in business.


She works with them individually and collectively in training with generative collaboration and collective intelligence.


She is also specialized in Conscious Leadership and Resilience, she works with women in order to re-humanize transformational ventures, and give them more place in business, to make the glass ceiling disappear.


Nathalie works on NLP & health, (Fitness for the future) especially with people with cancers.


Last, but not least, as a dancer, she has developed a method called Generative Somatic Movement to help people to reconnect to their deep somatic mind, their emotions and body in order to find their healing path and achieve their intention for personal realization and a fulfilled life. 

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