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Neil Wilkie

The Power of Pivotal Relationships in Organisations

Saturday 20th May - 15:30 - 17:00 (BST)

Top Tip before attending Neil's session - Visit and complete the Pivotal Relationships Scorecard quiz to get a flavour of what's involved. Think about your clients/organisations culture.

Presentation details...

I believe that Relationships create Culture and Culture creates Success in an organisation.    


What are the pivotal relationships like in the organisations that you work with?    


These are the relationships that are of critical importance to the organisation  


Are they all in tune or is there discord?    


What impact is this having on the success of the organisation and happiness of the team?    


What will happen if you do nothing?    


Will the problem resolve itself?    


Will the key people leave?    


How will they be feeling when they are working hard and not getting the support or results they deserve?    


Our extraordinary model, The Relationship Paradigm ®, enables us to calibrate, understand and rapidly change the dynamics of the pivotal relationships.

Learning outcomes...

You will experience and learn:  


  • An understanding of the Relationship Paradigm model.  


  • How to focus in on the pivotal relationships and calibrate them  


  • The impact of pivotal relationships  


  • How to change the internal dynamics  


  • How to develop the culture of organisations and enhance success

About Neil...

Neil Wilkie is The Relationship Saving Expert.  


He is an author, relationship expert and qualified psychotherapist.  


He created the Relationship Paradigm Model and has written two books on relationships. In the last year Neil has written over 300 articles on Relationships for national and international newspapers and publications.


He has reached an audience of over 4.8 million print readers and 3.2 billion online readers.

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