The Undiscovered Country: How To Live In Your Own Heartland

with Nick LeForce

Sunday 17th May 2020

9.30am - 11am


About 95% of overall functioning is managed and guided outside of our awareness. You could say we live in our own undiscovered country, mostly disconnected from ourselves. It is said that the longest journey you will take is the journey from the head to the heart. Many of our deeper intuitions are not answers, but questions you answer by the way you live; questions that guide you deeper into yourself and give you insight into how to live your life fully and richly. Come and explore four primary questions on the archetypal journey of life that guide you in living from your own heartland.  

You will learn...

  • how to explore your own undiscovered country using a map of the archetypal journey.

  • the 4 primary questions in the archetypal journey of life.

  • how to stay with a “beautiful question” rather than jump to an easy answer.

  • to achieve greater access to your own inner wisdom.

  • how to bring yourself into greater internal alignment.

  • how to create your own inner sanctuary.

  • how to bring “fresh eyes” to the world.

About Nick

Nick LeForce is a Master NLP Trainer and author of several books including “I Owe You, You Owe Me,” exploring the structure of “emotional debt.” He is known as the Transformational Poet (published 7 books of poetry) and for his elegant use of language and playful training style.