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NLP Conference Community Sessions

We are inviting you to join us for two exciting community sessions at the Virtual NLP International Conference in February 2024. 

Come along and find out more about The NLP in Education project and The NLP for Health Project and how you can get involved!

NLP for Health - Bonus Session (eventbrite).png

This project, endorsed by ANLP, is led by a team of committed NLP Professionals who strongly believe in NLP and the value it can bring to Health & Wellbeing for us all. The goal is to reach out to as many GP practices as possible for the benefit of GP teams, patients and their communities.

NLP in Education - Bonus Session (eventbrite).png

This is a new collaborative project that has recently been initiated by ANLP to take NLP in the Education sector. Our mission is, broadly, to find practical routes and strategies for how NLP can be introduced into the Education system at various levels/entry points, from Primary School to Further Education.

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