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Dr Phil Parker

Inner Wisdom Techniques (IWT)
for Health and Happiness

Saturday 13th May - Masterclass

Top Tip before attending Phil's Masterclass session - Read '10 Questions to ask for Success' and/or 'Get the Life You Love Now'

Presentation details...

Dr Phil Parker introduces Inner Wisdom Techniques (IWT), a set of new NLP processes to create compassionate, insightful and powerful change, developed from his decades of work in transforming health and happiness. They encompass a wide range of NLP approaches from those that focus on the specific use of language to strategic interventions and to those accessing more holistic, systemic and spiritual dimensions to change.

The Masterclass will include:
• Developing powerful gateway states than encourage change
• Reconnecting with your Inner Wisdom
• Developing your inner coach
• Finding resources in your distant ancestry
• Utilising the deep skills of metaphors and Ericksonian approaches
• Using spatial and temporal orientation and
movement as a resource for change
• Using new language patterns

The day will be a fascinating exploration of the latest research and tools delivered in Phil’s captivating style.


Masterclass Requirements:
A passion for change and readiness to help others discover they are even more
than they know.

About Phil...

Dr. Phil Parker, PhD DO is a university lecturer, Osteopath, NLP master trainer and one of the world’s leading NLP researchers. In 1999 he designed the Lightning Process® seminars, which have transformed the health of over 25,000 people worldwide. He has coached performers at the highest level including Olympics, Grammys, Oscars and Guinness World Record holders and world-leading Silicon Valley corporates.

He loves to inspire others about NLP. He is a researcher and lecturer in Coaching and in Drugs Counselling at London Metropolitan University. Phil has authored a number of papers and four books on coaching and health, which have been translated into a range of languages.

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