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Date: Thursday 16th March 2023

Time: 17:00-19:00 (UTC)

Masterclass Taster with Dr Phil Parker PhD, DO


Eventbrite Inner Wisdom Techniques Taster 2.png

At the NLP conference in May 2023, Phil will deliver a masterclass on Inner Wisdom Techniques (IWT).


In this limited availability taster session, you’ll get a sneak preview into some of the incredible information Phil will be sharing along with one new Inner Wisdom technique, that won’t be covered in the masterclass.


So, this is a real opportunity you’ll want to seize as these sessions won’t be recorded.

Come along and find out why we’re so excited about the Masterclass 2023 on Inner Wisdom Techniques (IWT)


Take away skills in IWT - looking at the power of Inner Coaching and Gateway states.

Learn a new IWT process for resolving blocks in any area and developing inner trust.

Apply it to yourself and your clients.

Phil is famous for his mix of clear research-based training as well as techniques that appeal more to the unconscious mind.


He’ll be combining these elements, completing the session using metaphors and stories as part of a guided integration process.

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