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Calandra Balfour and Fi Feehan

Calandra is a therapeutic practitioner and wellness expert with a background in neuroscience (BSc), a qualified NLP practitioner, an accredited coach, registered yoga instructor and specialist at Light Before Dawn. Calandra is committed to evidence-based techniques that work, no matter where their source, whether it is Eastern ancient wisdom, cutting edge modern science or somewhere in-between.

Fi is a biopsychosocial practitioner, passionate about people living in their rightful resourceful state, and dying without regret. Fi is a co-founder of Light Before Dawn, and a guide within the practice.  Fi has a broad range of qualifications including Master Practitioner NLP, personal Coaching, Transactional Analysis, Positive Psychology, Polyvagal as part of Clinical Practice and Attachment Theory alongside embodiment and somatic approaches. 

Fi has been involved in mental health and emotional well-being for most of her paid service including Commissioner for Mental Health Services for Children and Young People, Joint Commissioner for Young People’s Substance Misuse Services and National Lead advising policy on children and young people’s mental health. 

Topics Presented

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Internal Family Systems and NLP: An Integrative Approach


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