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Nathalie Lebas

My passion? HUMAN BEINGS with all of their qualities, with all the human complexity, I really deeply love people, with all of their differences. 

I am a Coach, a Trainer, a consultant, I am working in the world of business, as a Generative consultant, mainly with executives, in Leadership, Management, Communication and Sales Efficiency. I help executives to transform their business in a world which evolves continually. I also work with individuals to help people to develop their talents, their potential. 

For this, I am working with Generative Change work, with NLP as an NLP Master Trainer (trained with Robert Dilts at NLPU), Generative Trance, (trained with Steve Gilligan) and as a dancer, I am using Generative Somatic Movement to help people to reconnect to themselves, to their somatic mind, to their emotions, their inner self in order to be the change they want to be in the world, professionally and personally : a real journey to self-discovery.

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